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Mr. Bean does Bhangra

The one thing I truly loved about the summer was going to England.  Why?  Well for starters, I have a ton of family there – aunts, uncles, cousins – and some lovely friends too.  However, when I was really little, I also looked forward to the trips so I could catch Mr. Bean episodes!  They are all so hilarious!  So, it’s no surprise that when I stumbled upon this vid I was elated.  Whoever spliced Mr. Bean and the bhangra clip together is a genius!  It’s a perfect fit.  I actually saw this video a few years back, but obviously I was without a blog then.  So, enjoy!

Dance like no one is watching?

This video speaks for itself. ;P

If you don’t have time to watch both, watch this video and skip to the 2 min mark. #facepalm

Two hilarious vids, by two cute guys.

These guys are hilarious!!  They pretty much capture the essence and energy of bhangra. Maybe they need to start entering Bhangra competitions! :)

Check out both vids:


How to Dance When You’re High – 1


How to Dance When You’re High – 2

Silly dances


Came across these two funny dance vids so decided to share with all of you. I think everyone needs to break out their video cams and vid tape themselves doing a silly dance! :-)


Madass props to the kid in this first video. Hilarious. Wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and sees this…

This baby’s obviously going to be the next big Latin star.


This guy is incredibly good at dance!! :)


Missin’ Michael Jackson


Today, August 29th, would’ve been the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday. I definitely grew up watching MJ’s videos and dances. Like everyone else, I was mesmerized with his effortless moves. Without MJ, I’m sure many people would not have even pursued dance full time. I know I enjoyed dance class because I hoped one day I could dance like MJ. MJ passing away was by far one of the saddest moments in music history. I remember I was in Harvard Square sitting in my apartment when I read the news online. That whole night every car that went past the apartment complex was blaring an MJ song. It was a very strange moment, but everyone felt the loss. MJ will be missed and I doubt there will ever be an artist like that again during our lifetimes!

Here’s a bunch of the best tribute vids/songs that I’ve found, a couple of my fav MJ tracks, and an MJ comic I had drawn back in the day:

“This is It” – Sonu Niigaam fet. Jermaine Jackson (song tribute)

Shahid Kapoor “Michael Jackson” Filmfare Awards 2010 tribute

Suleman Mirza “Michael Jackson” dance on Britain’s Got Talent

Wade Robson “Michael Jackson” tribute

Stockholm Dance tribute:

Navin Kundra feat. Jay Sean “Fade Away” by Rishi Rich

“Billie Jean” – live (Michael Jackson)

“Remember the Time” – official Michael Jackson video

My web comic:

Katie and Joshua: Bollywood number from SYTYCD


I know these clips are kinda old, but they’re two of my favorite Bollywood routines from the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD). Katie and Joshua had the precision and energy required for a Bollywood number. Amazing dancers! The group dance was also cool that year, so I’m including that below for your enjoyment as well!