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Ashton’s Brownface ad

I’m sure everyone’s heard about the Ashton Kutcher “brownface” ad now. Personally, I thought the whole ad sucked – poor script, direction, and just not funny – and not just the mocking Indians portion.

Basically, the reason people are offended isn’t just the context of this one ad, I think it’s been a build up over time to the point where Indians really needed to finally stand up and say ” We Indians are part of the mainstream now, stop depicting us as brown and always with an accent.” If you think I’m just exaggerating let me remind you that most Indian characters are constantly portrayed in American TV with the accent (ie think Raj in Big Bang, the Indian kid in that Disney show Jesse (obv faking an Indian accent), etc.).

Hassan’s points are dead on and it’s time Indians were integrated better into the world of TV and Film.

The time has come for the US (like the UK has done for a several years now) to just have Indians be like any other character in a show… depict us as you depict any other race – as having an ethnicity, but American accent – and not the token “haha your accent is funny” character. We Indians are over it.

TYT Network saying it’s not offensive:

Hassan’s vids:

Mean Kitty

Just watch and you’ll know what I mean

Mr. Bean does Bhangra

The one thing I truly loved about the summer was going to England.  Why?  Well for starters, I have a ton of family there – aunts, uncles, cousins – and some lovely friends too.  However, when I was really little, I also looked forward to the trips so I could catch Mr. Bean episodes!  They are all so hilarious!  So, it’s no surprise that when I stumbled upon this vid I was elated.  Whoever spliced Mr. Bean and the bhangra clip together is a genius!  It’s a perfect fit.  I actually saw this video a few years back, but obviously I was without a blog then.  So, enjoy!

Dominos! Dominos!

Some people are either crazy… or have too much time… but after watching these vids I think you’ll believe both are true! 😛

Dance like no one is watching?

This video speaks for itself. ;P

If you don’t have time to watch both, watch this video and skip to the 2 min mark. #facepalm

I am easily amused…

I probably should have spent today reading for class, but I ended up Youtube surfing. Came across this interesting video by the Japanese. If I could visit one place in the world it would definitely be Japan! Check out how synchronized these guys are!

Largest Bread in the World

This is pretty damn gigantic… not sure how he’s able to kneed this to be so big! I wish he were making pizzas instead cuz that would be one delicious pizza!

Kim Kardashian files for divorce?


Oh TMZ, what would we all do without you!  The entertainment website broke the news earlier today that Kim Kardashian’s much hyped fairy tale wedding did not have the happy ending she dreamed off.


It’s really sad, but in this case, it was obvious (anyone who saw this season will agree) that this marriage wasn’t going to last long.  I thought it would last longer than 2 months.


This is Kim’s second marriage and second divorce.  Earlier, she had gotten married at the young age of 19, but that didn’t last.  Now, poor Kim, seemed to love the idea of getting married at 30, but this wasn’t her soul mate… and he was no prince.  On the reality show, Kris came across as brash, arrogant, and confrontational – three traits you would never want in your soul mate.


Plus, Kim’s family was not the biggest fan of Kris, with Khloe being the most vocal about it. After all, she was looking after her sis’ interests.  As Khloe said in one of the episodes, even if the two got a divorce, Kris had “nothing to lose” and “everything to gain.”  Kim filed earlier this morning citing “irreconcilable difference” as the reason for the divorce.  Apparently, Kris wanted to move to Minnesota while Kim wanted to stay in L.A. near her family.  She also felt she could best continue to promote her image and get jobs in L.A (which makes sense since CA is entertainment central).  It’s surprising this issue wasn’t discussed prior to the marriage, but considering the two barely knew each other when they married, it’s not THAT surprising.


It’s so sad that the marriage did not last.  I wasn’t the biggest Kris fan, but I was hoping Kim found happiness.  Oh well, hopefully, the future will bring Kim a Prince and not an Ogre (*disclaimer* not trying to make a dig at Kris).


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Please see further details at TMZ:



Jay Sean on Sesame Street?


Being an Indian, of course, I’m thrilled to see my fellow South Asian people be successful. These days, Jay Sean is one of the desi artists who has been representing well for the rest of us in the field of music. No longer are desis just seen as being doctors, scientists, engineers, and business people. Now, we have a voice (literally) in the world of entertainment as well. After the success of Slumdog Millionaire, the US and other non-Indian countries have been opened to the world of Bollywood.  NBC even tried a India-based show called “Outsourced.”  Indian actors are being seen more often on TV (there’s an indian cast member in 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreations, Big Bang Theory, etc.)

Back in May, the website I work for – – broke the news that pop singing sensation, Jay Sean, will be featured in an episode of Sesame Street. Sesame Street, which is a popular children’s show here in the states, typically calls artists on the show when they’ve made it in their respective fields .  Guess that Jay Sean has REALLY made it in the world of music!

Now that the episode has been filmed, we’ve got your exclusive look at the video Jay recorded with Grover –  Head over to UrbanAsian and check out the footage!!

Pizza pizza!


I think I’ve found my new online game addiction.  It’s a game called “Superhero pizza” on miniclip.  It’s pretty childish but it sure beats playing Solitaire!  Basically, you run a pizza parlor.  Your customers are superheros who obviously want their pizza done right and done fast.  The pizza dough is given to you and then you pile the toppings on according to what they order. Sometimes you get phone orders too.  As you acquire more points you can purchase upgrades to the pizza ovens.  Pretty amusing game.

Check it out at: