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2011 in Review

As the year comes to a close, it’s making me want to reflect on the year that has been 2011! It is one year that I will miss! It’s had mostly plus points, which is why I’ll truly miss it! The only true down side to 2011 was that we lost a lot of famous people – Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Dev Anand (actor/filmmaker in India), Shammi Kapoor (actor in India), among many others.  However, I think we must focus more on celebrating the lives these individuals had and the positive impact they made on people.  Talent never dies, and there will always be others to keep the flag alive!  We’ll see what innovations occur in 2012!

3 Weddings!

On a personal note, this year saw 3 weddings in the fam! 2 cousins on my Mom’s side got married (in Wales and one in Italy) and 1 cousin on my Dad’s side (all the way in Australia!).

Going to an Indian wedding was amazing! There were 5 days filled with colors, style, and celebrations! My Mom, Dad, sister and I all flew to London and drove into Wales for the festivities. Watching Dad drive stick shift was just as interesting as the wedding. No trip can be complete without adventure, and trust me, getting into Wales was quite the adventure. The signs were blocked by branches so we never knew where our exit was. We eventually ended up in Cardiff, Wales (a 2-3 hour trip from London, which had turned into 6-8 for us) by a hospital.

A group of workers was sitting outside, so we assumed they could help us figure out where we were. You’d think they’d know where they were right? Wrong! I went to ask for directions and when I asked, “What’s the name of this hospital?” They’re responded with “What hospital?” I pointed out the sign they were sitting in front of – which clearly said “HOSPITAL,” but they refused to admit that they were sitting by a hospital. Just then out of the hospital, came a few doctors and nurses so I went to ask them the name of the hospital. Surprisingly, they didn’t know either! So, I asked them the name of the road, to which they responded “What road?” Luckily, one girl was on her phone and was able to ask her Mom to google where she worked. She told us the name of the road… which actually turned out to be the name of a building.

As for the wedding itself – it was amazing. My cousin and my cuz-in-law looked like a match made in heaven! There are many more such stories, but I’ll spare you all the craziness right now.

Life in London

Besides weddings, I got a chance to live in London for the summer.  Although I was hoping to meet up with more friends in the city, I enjoyed my time there.  Spending time with family and getting to truly experience the sites and sounds of London was amazing.  I hope to spend another summer in Europe!  Unfortunately, next summer won’t be the one I return to London, as I’ll be busy with moot court at Law School.

Law School

Speaking of law school, my second year is half way over!  I’m not sure how many of my readers know it, but in addition to a web comic artist, I’m a law student!  This semester, I had a chance to explore a wide range of subjects and hopefully will have some publications to my name!


I’m also a senior editor/blogger/writter/interviewer/host at UrbanAsian.com!  The site’s been active since Oct 2010, but it’s really taken off this year in 2011!  So, can’t complain there, as the way it seems, the site is only going to grow in the coming year!  I love my UA fam and love the friends I’ve made!

Erratic Beat Comics

http://www.erraticbeat.com/comics/ As I mentioned above, in addition to law school and UrbanAsian, I also draw a webcomic.  While I’ve only had a chance to post 3 comics this December, you can still catch the older comics I drew throughout the year.  Prior to getting my own domain name (erraticbeat.com) I had run the site on comicfury.  However, this year, I realized it’s time to get my own URL and move on to bigger waters.

Of course, along with the comic I now have this blog, which I hope to use more often next year.  Till then, Happy New Year!

Also, check out this page for the biggest WTF moments of 2011: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/26/years-biggest-wtf-moments_n_1170053.html?ncid=webmail2