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Ashton’s Brownface ad

I’m sure everyone’s heard about the Ashton Kutcher “brownface” ad now. Personally, I thought the whole ad sucked – poor script, direction, and just not funny – and not just the mocking Indians portion.

Basically, the reason people are offended isn’t just the context of this one ad, I think it’s been a build up over time to the point where Indians really needed to finally stand up and say ” We Indians are part of the mainstream now, stop depicting us as brown and always with an accent.” If you think I’m just exaggerating let me remind you that most Indian characters are constantly portrayed in American TV with the accent (ie think Raj in Big Bang, the Indian kid in that Disney show Jesse (obv faking an Indian accent), etc.).

Hassan’s points are dead on and it’s time Indians were integrated better into the world of TV and Film.

The time has come for the US (like the UK has done for a several years now) to just have Indians be like any other character in a show… depict us as you depict any other race – as having an ethnicity, but American accent – and not the token “haha your accent is funny” character. We Indians are over it.

TYT Network saying it’s not offensive:

Hassan’s vids: