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Lady Gaga and Bollywood


Hey Blog readers! You all probably know that I’m a big fan of music, movies, and dance (if you didn’t know, you know now!) So, you can guess how elated I was that Lady Gaga (one of my favorite artists) has shared her love of Bollywood! I think her over-the-top theatrics are the perfect match for Bollywood! Although, if she did a Bollywood movie she may just be the most normal person there… and actually may even be a bit under dressed!

Jokes aside – Gaga recently appeared on talk show host and ex-actress Simi Garewal’s new show, “India’s Most Desirable.” Gaga was shooting 15 interviews that day and Simi bagged one of them. In the interview, Gaga revealed just how much she loves India, Indian movies (“Bollywood”), and Indian food! Read more details at my Urban Asian article about Gaga:



I’m pretty excited to see a potentional Gaga collaboration! ¬†Are you?