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Kim Kardashian files for divorce?


Oh TMZ, what would we all do without you!  The entertainment website broke the news earlier today that Kim Kardashian’s much hyped fairy tale wedding did not have the happy ending she dreamed off.


It’s really sad, but in this case, it was obvious (anyone who saw this season will agree) that this marriage wasn’t going to last long.  I thought it would last longer than 2 months.


This is Kim’s second marriage and second divorce.  Earlier, she had gotten married at the young age of 19, but that didn’t last.  Now, poor Kim, seemed to love the idea of getting married at 30, but this wasn’t her soul mate… and he was no prince.  On the reality show, Kris came across as brash, arrogant, and confrontational – three traits you would never want in your soul mate.


Plus, Kim’s family was not the biggest fan of Kris, with Khloe being the most vocal about it. After all, she was looking after her sis’ interests.  As Khloe said in one of the episodes, even if the two got a divorce, Kris had “nothing to lose” and “everything to gain.”  Kim filed earlier this morning citing “irreconcilable difference” as the reason for the divorce.  Apparently, Kris wanted to move to Minnesota while Kim wanted to stay in L.A. near her family.  She also felt she could best continue to promote her image and get jobs in L.A (which makes sense since CA is entertainment central).  It’s surprising this issue wasn’t discussed prior to the marriage, but considering the two barely knew each other when they married, it’s not THAT surprising.


It’s so sad that the marriage did not last.  I wasn’t the biggest Kris fan, but I was hoping Kim found happiness.  Oh well, hopefully, the future will bring Kim a Prince and not an Ogre (*disclaimer* not trying to make a dig at Kris).


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Kim Kardashian’s wedding!


Is it sad that while everyone else was wondering what Kim Kardashian wore to her wedding, I was thinking “I wonder if she got her guests to sign a privacy agreement.” Law school has definitely taken over my brain. I read a case about Catherine Zeta-Jones’ wedding to Michael Douglas where they sued Hello Magazine. The case was called Douglas vs. Hello and is from 2001 (but also again 2003, 2005)! I’ll save you all the details, but basically they signed a deal with OK! Magazine to be the exclusive distributor of their selected wedding pics. Someone leaked the pics from the wedding (surprise surprise) and Hello magazine published unauthorized pics. Ultimately the court said the wedding wasn’t really private despite the guests signing a privacy statement since it was unreasonable to expect that a large wedding correlated to privacy.

In Kim’s case, I think she wouldn’t mind if pics were released. After all, the Kardashians are reality stars and enjoy publicity. However, I still wonder about paparazzi intrusion into their lives. I don’t think anyone wants to be on film 24/7 and I hope, at least initially, Kim and her new hubby get some to themselves out of the spotlight. Of course, if it’s their choice to be in the public eye and they don’t mind press about themselves, it’s ok.

I hope Kim’s wedding is as successful as Khloe’s to Lamar. They (Khloe-Lamar) seem like such a down-to-earth couple. I have no opinion of Kris Humphries yet… but am I the only one who thinks he kinda looks like the wearwolf guy, Taylor Lautner, from Twilight?

Photo credit for Kim-Kris pic = Mark Thompson / Getty Images