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Stand Up Comics


Today’s blog topic is stand up comics.  I’m not sure who my favorite is or even if I have just one.  I’d name Russel Peters, Dana Carvey, Dane Cook, Kathy Griffin, and Wanda Sykes as comics I adore and never get sick off.  They all have such different styles but are hilarious. There’s a comedy club that opened nearby my town and I’m always tempted to try it out, but I think I’m better at drawing comics than pulling off a stand up routine.  I don’t have stage fright, but I know my limits.  I’m definitely not willing to subject people to my comedy unless I know it will make at least one person laugh.  That’s the benefit of webcomics since utilizing the web you can reach those with similar styles.  Anyway, below I’m going to discuss the comics I really like along with sample clips.

Russell Peters style of comedy focuses more on the stereotypes about ethnic groups.  Check out this clip as an example:

Dana Carvey is probably best known for his impressions of jr and sr Bush.  This dvd set “Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies” showcases his talent best.  Check out part 1 on youtube.

Having grown up in MA, I love to see talent from the area make it big.  Such is the case for Dane Cook.  My best friends at college Nadine Najjar and Monique Najjar introduced me to his comedy.  That day forth I was hooked!

Kathy Griffin’s my fav for her sarcasm.  She doesn’t hold back in her comedy routines and speaks her mind.  I really like her honesty. This is a pretty funny clip but her comedy shows on Comedy Central are the best.

Wanda Sykes is best placed in the Kathy Griffin category.  She also speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back.  My favorite clip of hers is not from any of her stand up routines, however, but is from the show Crank Yankers on comedy central.  The video for this enhances the routine but it’s been taken down off of youtube due to copyright.  So, just check out this clip as even without the vid it’s funny.

E-mail me and let me know your thoughts on stand-up comics! :)