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Stop bullying.

Truly an inspirational story, but also a remind how disgusting our modern society has become.

We’ve become a society so corrupted by the quest to reach “perfection” in beauty, that we’re missing the fact that beauty isn’t just external. Beauty goes beyond just physical characteristics. We need to judge people based on their intelligence and ability, on their internal beauty, and not just the outside packaging. If you’re judgmental and always trying to pull others down, that is not a sign of beauty.

The fact that this girl was able to rise about such negativity is impressive and highly commendable. For those who don’t want to sit through the video, essentially while in high school she was labeled the world’s most “ugly” woman on Youtube. It’s sad and terrible that she had to endure such negativity at a young age, but instead of caving to such attempts to bring her down, she was able to rise above it all. This is true beauty.

It really bothers me that people have become so superficial these days. Personally, I think the most attractive feature in a person is their humility and intellect. Hopefully, more people will realize that the world will be better if we see the good in others.

Mean Kitty

Just watch and you’ll know what I mean


Mr. Bean does Bhangra

The one thing I truly loved about the summer was going to England.  Why?  Well for starters, I have a ton of family there – aunts, uncles, cousins – and some lovely friends too.  However, when I was really little, I also looked forward to the trips so I could catch Mr. Bean episodes!  They are all so hilarious!  So, it’s no surprise that when I stumbled upon this vid I was elated.  Whoever spliced Mr. Bean and the bhangra clip together is a genius!  It’s a perfect fit.  I actually saw this video a few years back, but obviously I was without a blog then.  So, enjoy!

Dominos! Dominos!

Some people are either crazy… or have too much time… but after watching these vids I think you’ll believe both are true! 😛

Dance like no one is watching?

This video speaks for itself. ;P

If you don’t have time to watch both, watch this video and skip to the 2 min mark. #facepalm

I am easily amused…

I probably should have spent today reading for class, but I ended up Youtube surfing. Came across this interesting video by the Japanese. If I could visit one place in the world it would definitely be Japan! Check out how synchronized these guys are!

Two hilarious vids, by two cute guys.

These guys are hilarious!!  They pretty much capture the essence and energy of bhangra. Maybe they need to start entering Bhangra competitions! :)

Check out both vids:


How to Dance When You’re High – 1


How to Dance When You’re High – 2

Largest Bread in the World

This is pretty damn gigantic… not sure how he’s able to kneed this to be so big! I wish he were making pizzas instead cuz that would be one delicious pizza!

Funny Video of the Day

This is highly amusing to watch… look at her face too lol!

Silly dances


Came across these two funny dance vids so decided to share with all of you. I think everyone needs to break out their video cams and vid tape themselves doing a silly dance! :-)


Madass props to the kid in this first video. Hilarious. Wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and sees this…

This baby’s obviously going to be the next big Latin star.