All right. So, first let me say that I know that this is not really a “comic” in the sense my EBC site is.  Rather, this was done as a part of a birthday vid that we made at UrbanAsian to celebrate singer/songwriter Raghav Mathur’s birthday (April 2, 2012).  For those who don’t know he is a singer from Canada.


Details for the image:

  • Left side = Raghav; completely drawn (used GIMP); took 1.5 hours to draw this lol! Mostly because I’m very picky as to drawing faces.  First when I added the highlights/shadow above his lip he looked too fobby.  Took forever to get his mouth right since that’s his defining feature.
  • Right side = me; face is not drawn – I can never draw myself accurately; everything else was drawn

Check out the UrbanAsian article below to see the vid: